{wh}Y Now an Athlete ..


Growing up a tall-uncoordinated girl .. I was never, NEVER, picked to be a part of a team. I tried out for everything – volleyball, basketball {hello .. I did say tall}, softball and cheerleading – not even sure what I was thinking there (remember “tall-uncoordinated”) and wasn’t selected for a single one. The only thing I could join was band {tallest trombone player in the marching line-up}, ha, because I couldn’t be turned down! In my head – I am not an athlete!

I sit here now, in the corner of my comfy couch, running feet up .. a “twenty-year wife”, mother of two crazy teens & a 4-legged pup, a vegetarian part-time vegan foodie and a dedicated running road & trail {race} fan … and some may even say now an athlete. Somewhere in my later 3rd decade, I decided to really run full force and haven’t stopped, only sped up! I have not only logged in miles, but have made some really great friends along the way who have inspired me and quite honestly push me to be the best version of me (athlete or not)! I am thankful for my family and my teens, who ask me “how many miles did you run today momma?”, and my hubby who just smiles when I say I have signed up for another race! I cannot wait to share my running shenanigans and everything in between … Y



12 thoughts on “{wh}Y Now an Athlete ..

  1. Congratulations. That’s great for you Yvonne. Thank you for answering the question that’s plagued me since following your progress on FB. Namely, why all of a sudden an athlete? That was definitely not the Y I remember from our teens and it’s great to see how you could now run circles around 99% of your old acquaintance who played sports year round in high-school. The satirical saying ‘The older I get the better I was!’ applies for most of us, but definitely not you. Keep up the great work!

  2. I am so excited for what you have accomplished and where you still are going to go!! You are clearly by all definitions, an Athlete!!

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